All Season Luxury Crossover & SUV Tire

Circumferential Grooves

and lateral sipes for increased traction on wet surfaces.

Large Shoulder Blocks

and Center Ribs provide responsiveness and high speed stability.

Durable Carcass Structure

and Special Compound allows for high wear life, increased ride comfort and top all round performance.


The Terramax CVR is an all-season tire specifically engineered for SUVs and crossovers. The CVR delivers exceptional handling and stability for today’s crossover vehicles demand without compromising ride comfort. • Smooth, quiet ride and comfort for highway driving. • Top all-round performance on wet and dry. • Stable drive and excellent ride and handling at high speeds. • Durable and Long Lasting Structure. • Suitable on partial off-road usage. • H, V, W, Y rated construction. Limited tread life protection on 100,000 km or 48 months. 30 day risk free trial.